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All kinds of mixing rubber, rubber seals, rubber shaped parts, plastic injection parts, rubber mold, injection mold manufacturers. hope to provide help and reference for you.

In 1984, Zhenhua rubber products factory was established, and in 2002, it Register To Be Gaobeidian Fengye Rubber Seals co., LTD. From few workers to 80-150 workers of professional rubber products company.

So far, Gaobeidian Fengye Rubber Seals co., LTD. Covers an area of 40,000 square meters, next to the 107 national road, with very convenient transportation for goods delivery.  at current company include mixing workshop, vulcanization workshop, injection workshop, machining workshop, stamping workshop, extrusion workshop, trimming and packaging  workshop

Fengye professional the production of all kinds of rubber, plastic, extrusion and metal stamping products also do different kinds of rubber material formulation design, development and mixing production, mold design.

Factory has established a set of rubber vulcanization curve control system, introduced the rubber parts production testing equipment, hardness tester, low temperature brittleness tester, hydrometer, optical projector, Mooney viscometer, aging test chamber, tensile machine, rheometer, roughness tester, coating thickness gauge, electronic digital display outside micrometer, etc.), at the same time set up a quality control system according to the ASTMD2000 rubber standard, all rubber materials are tested in accordance with the D2000 standards to ensure product quality. 

Through the complex and rigorous control, the company applies advanced production, management and testing technologies to achieve the integration of all production processes as the customer requirement, as mold design, formula development, raw material mixing, mold processing, inspection, performance testing and manufacturing, etc. This organic combination of rubber product manufacturing and formula development of rubber raw materials has laid a solid foundation for the company in innovative design and market development.

The company takes the innovation technology and satisfies the user demand as the management idea, creates the peak industry brand diligently, has provided the high quality product for the numerous industrial customer .Today, Fengye has become a competitive rubber parts supplier in the rubber market, the products are mainly used in automotive, aviation, machinery, medical, food, electrical appliances, industrial energy, railway Bridges, steel industry and etc.

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