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The enterprise culture

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 (I) implement "humanization" management to stimulate employees' subjective initiative and creativity.


To be specific, it is a management method in which managers strengthen emotional connection and ideological communication between managers and employees with sincere emotions, meet the psychological needs of employees, and form a harmonious working atmosphere. Emotional management can best reflect the affinity of cultural management. Its core is to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees, eliminate their negative emotions, and achieve effective management through two-way communication and communication of emotions. "Humanization" management should be divided into "walking management", "listening management" and "communication management".


(2) "walking management" : it means to let managers go deep into the production site, understand the situation, and solve problems. In the more contact with employees, words and deeds must start from the heart, strengthen emotional communication, cultivate an intimate and trusting interpersonal relationship, and establish a dedicated and harmonious atmosphere of cooperation. Enterprise managers are good at carrying out emotional management full of human interest, which is to inject the "lubricant" for enterprises to reduce internal friction and smooth interpersonal relations.


(3) "listening management" : managers should listen to employees' opinions carefully and create opportunities for employees to express their opinions fully. The situation of enterprise production and operation is closely related to each employee's life and sufferings. Every step of development should be understood by each employee. Only when the employee knows clearly and understands that his/her work is one of the decisive factors of enterprise benefit can he/she base himself/herself on his/her position and devote himself/herself to his/her work.


(4) "communication management" : the intimacy between enterprise managers and employees can only be built on the basis of mutual respect and understanding. Only by putting themselves in each other's shoes and accepting each other's thinking and realizing "empathy" can the manager and the managed understand each other's behavior and communicate effectively. "management transparency" will maximize the enthusiasm of employees in production.


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